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Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

The battery is dead


So the terminals are tight and clean and still nothing? You probably have a dead battery. If you have jumper cables, you might be able to find another motorist to give your battery the jolt it needs to start up. Better yet, keep a handy-dandy jumper battery like this one in your car for these situations. Next, check with your mechanic to see if you need a new battery. Here are the best cars under 18K.

The starter stops

Cropped hand of person starting carwavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

When you put in the key and turn your ignition (or, in newer cars, push the button), an electrical motor (the appropriately named starter) connected to the car’s battery cranks your engine to get it started. If it will fail to respond, just clicks, or emits a horrible grinding sound, it’s time to call the mechanic, says the automotive site yourmechanic.com.

The fuel pump relay has run its last race

the ignition of the car, starting the engineVladimir Kislitsin/Shutterstock

When your car sputters and dies—or if it chugs a little when you start it and then quits—you could be looking at a faulty fuel pump—or fuel pump relay, according to autoblog.com. You’ll need a mechanic’s help to get this car back on the road again.

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