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Funny movie quotes from Dancing Lady – Best Clean Funny Jokes

Funny movie quotes from Dancing Lady starring Errol Flynn, Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, the Three Stooges, and Fred Astaire Patch Gallagher (Errol Flynn): Yes, yes, yes, the top spot. Where if you drop, you’ve got twice as far to fall. Maybe I’m a sap for trying. And maybe I can make something out of you, […]

Funny movie quotes from The Case of the Lucky Legs – Best Clean Funny Jokes

Funny movie quotes from The Case of the Lucky Legs (1935) starring William Warren, Genevieve Tobin, Patricia Ellis, Lyle Talbot, Allen Jenkins The Case of the Lucky Legs is a 1935 mystery film, the third in a series of Perry Mason films starring Warren William as the famed lawyer. And, it’s hilariously funny! See for […]

Funny movie quotes from Forever, Darling – Best Clean Funny Jokes

Funny Movie Quotes from Forever, Darling (1956) starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, James Mason Susan (Lucille Ball): Why do you look like James Mason?Angel (James Mason): Do I look like James Mason?Susan (Lucille Ball): I should say you do!Angel (James Mason): (admiring himself in a mirror) So I look like James Mason, do I? Susan (Lucille Ball) : Why do you […]

20 Adorably Funny Dog And Cat Memes

Maybe you love dogs, or maybe you adore cats, and maybe you love both! But one thing is sure, you will always be asked if you are either a dog lover or a cat lover. These two awesome creatures of that makes our hearts soft have very different personalities. And often times, our own personality […]

Funny April Fool’s Jokes to Play on Your Parents

Seal off their shampoo Swapan Photography/Shutterstock Get them into a lather in the shower by sealing off their shampoo, conditioner or body wash. To do this, unscrew the cap and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the bottle opening before you screw the lid back on. They’ll have no idea why they can’t […]

15 Funny James Charles Memes For Your Meme Folder

When you’re as popular as James Charles, you know every little thing you do is bound to go viral. James Charles is an American Teen MUA, YouTuber and Covergirl’s first male spokesperson. He’s that teen who went viral for retaking his senior photos by bringing his ring light so his highlight would pop. But it […]

16 Really Funny TT Memes You’ll End Up Crying Happy

TT meme. What is it and where did it come from? TT is a popular song by Twice, A South Korean Girl Group. TT is also a sad & crying face emoji very popular among social media app, especially in Korea. The eyes are the horizontal lines and the vertical lines are the tears. The […]

17 Funny TikTok Memes You Will Secretly Relate With

TikTok is a not so new app and it’s a mine for memes. There are very great TikTok Videos that are super funny and are just waiting to be memefied. TikTok is such a fun social media place to hang out in if you love music and have a very huge sense of humour. The […]

Shahid Afridi gives funny response to question on Team India wearing camouflage caps in 3rd ODI against Australia, watch

After Indian players wore camouflage caps to honour Pulwama martyrs during the 3rd ODI against Australia at Ranchi, PCB wrote a letter to ICC saying that politics and cricket should not be mixed. In response, ICC took India’s side saying BCCI was granted permission to go with the action, which also aimed to honour the […]

10 Diabolically Funny Mamma Mia Memes

It’s been a decade since the first Mamma Mia movie came out and less than a year since the sequel was released. But the internet has never gotten over the 3 strong and funny women who made the world their playground and the men, their equal. Every song just kept playing in our heads. We belt […]

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