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20 Funny Internet Memes and Why People Make Them

Funny internet memes. What even are they? What are memes? Why do people make memes? What makes a meme good or funny? Why does everyone love memes? Why do we need them? So many questions. Let’s attempt to answer them, shall we? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines meme as “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that […]

20 Heavy Breathing Memes To Take Your Breath Away

Heavy breathing usually is a result of extreme physical exertion. At times, you’re in a really intense situation and your emotions just get to you. Sometimes, life deals you hard situations. And then you can’t help but feel your lungs constrict. There are various reasons why you would breathe heavy. Mostly because you are having a […]

15 Winter Is Coming Memes for Snow Days

Happy Appreciate A Dragon Day! Dragons are a mythical creature. It is a symbol of power and magic. Everyone loves a dragon. Be it Falkor, Toothless, Smaug or Elliott, everyone has a favorite dragon. The Popular HBO Series, Games of Thrones has its share of dragons too. Viserion, Drogon and Rhaegal has a place in […]

20 Funny Bruh Memes You Can’t Get Enough Of

Bruh is a slang term we always here nowadays. Other popular variation of this slang term is “bro” or “brother”. It’s widely used to express frustration or disappointment at something. Online, the term is frequently repeated through text comments and reaction images mostly on social media like facebook, twitter or even instagram. One of the most […]

30 Monday Memes To Jumpstart Your Day

It’s the start of the week once again and here we are to help you get through your day. Mondays are always hard to get through, what with the weekend being spent with friends and families without stress and worries. So without further ado, here is our 30 Monday Meme list to brighten up your […]

20 Cynical Troll Face Memes To Help You Shade Your Friends

Troll face meme is something we get from friends most of the time on facebook or group chats. It’s a famous meme of a comic character wearing a troublesome smile that is meant to represent the facial expression of a person making fun of someone on the internet. You want to be savage, send a troll […]

20 Fun Ex Boyfriend Memes We All Need

We can all agree that getting over exes can be a real challenge. You either deal with it by watching really sad movies, listening to sad love songs or go the total opposite by going out with friends and jam to dance tunes or the most popular songs on spotify. If you are still in […]

23 Nostalgic Lion King Memes For Disney Lovers

Who doesn’t love the Lion King? Who didn’t gush to young Simba and Nala and their love story? This coming of age story of the young cub prince who escaped death from his Devious Uncle Scar and met his lifelong friends Timon and Pumba has graced every young child’s story books and dvd collection. Of course […]

18 Relatable Racing Memes for Car Lovers

Racing memes exist because people love the sport. Why do we love racing? Is it because we are curious on how the drivers are navigating through a difficult race track? Is it the adrenalin one gets whenever you watch your favorite driver zip past you in the speedway? Is it the shiny, powerful and expensive […]

20 Funny Take My Money Memes To Make You ROFL

“Shut up and take my money!” is a catchphrase that caught popularity in 2010 when Crackerjack posted an image of Fry (Futurama) taken from the Attack of the Killer App episode. Since then, the phrase has been used to highlight a person’s interest in a product. Now, 9 years after it was first used, the take […]

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