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Respect Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

Respect if truly one of the important virtues that we need to apply in our lives everyday. Being rude and inconsiderate is frowned upon by the huge part of the society. These people usually get punished for the consequences brought by their rudeness. This is how the world generally maintains its peace and order situation. […]

Smile Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

Smiling is a globally-acknowledged gesture that depicts joy. Some poets even claim that a smile can warm a person’s heart like the morning sun. It also can mean a few things – your very own personal happiness, or a sign that you are welcoming changes in your life. Whatever the case may be, smiling is […]

Quotes About Loving Children | Text & Image Quotes

Loving our children is one of this world’s greatest mysteries. Some may say that it is a thankless job. At the end of the day, however, once you see your child smiling, all the stress that you feel instantly vanishes. You can even say that they make us feel brand new again. If you love […]

Art Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

We all have different views about art. We tend to judge art according to our own standards or the widely accepted aesthetics of a greater community. Because of this, the very meaning of art itself has evolved over the years. However, the acceptable meaning that most people take is how art invokes feelings and manifest […]

Feel Good Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

When a mirror is in front of you, it’s easy to find your own insecurities and feel bad about yourself. But getting past your own inadequacies and working on them is where the daily struggle is. Nobody feels good in an instant. A person walking around the room, whom you think is totally comfortable in […]

Catholic Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

Nowadays, it’s easy to proclaim you’re a Catholic. Yet the difficult part is living up to the real stamp of becoming and being actually one. It simply is not a label that dangles on you as you walk by the streets. As you relate to people, there’s always the challenge of carrying the innate duty […]

Optimism quotes | Text & Image Quotes

Optimism is the torch you hold inside your own darkness. You can find a number of people in the world who are unconsciously itching to find the slightest thing to make themselves feel negative about. Yet there are also other people, who despite having faced a lot of turmoils in life, remain positive and hopeful […]

Meditation Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

A glint of advertisement on the latest fashion trend; the sedating traffic; an offensive post of the hottest social media influencer; the local dog’s share of fiery growls across your neighborhood—all these has the tendency to steal your attention in the blink of an eye. And before you know it, you’re out of focus and […]

Free Spirit Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

Free spirits are those people who are carefree, spontaneous, independent, and zealous about what they love. Simply, they do not go along with the crowd and prefer to think on their own way. Their easygoing company lifts and encourages the people around them. And even without putting much effort, their unpredictability, self-reliance, fervor, and lightheartedness […]

Spiritual Quotes | Text & Image Quotes

Have you ever had that quiet moment in life where you just paused and wondered about your existence? Oftentimes, you may feel unchaperoned and lost on that road. But when you search deeply and continuously, you will soon discover that your greatest companion is you and the whole universe inside of you. Allow this list […]

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