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Lady Gaga Reaches Out to Katy Perry After Calling Her ‘Mean’ in Text Messages to Kesha Amid Dr. Luke Legal Battle

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are reaching out to each other. After text messages from early 2016 that were sent between Kesha and Gaga regarding Katy‘s refusal to speak out regarding Kesha‘s accusations made against Dr. Luke were released via court documents on Friday (November 30), the “Born This Way” singer is now addressing those […]

Romantic Poems | Text & Image Quotes

Romance is something one can’t get away or put away with. Even in poems, it’s a genre people just love to go back to. Romantic poems can make anybody’s face light up but it can also tear one’s heart out. Simple enough, it has the potency to move you. That, of course, is the essence […]

Poems about Death | Text & Image Quotes

Death – the word alone stirs so many reactions from the inside. Some good, some uncomfortable, yet it’s one truth all people have to share. But the inevitable, say death if approached in a rather brave way, like the act of making poems, can somehow lessen its heaviness. Several authors have put into words their […]

Poems about Family | Text & Image Quotes

No paper is ever enough when you try to talk about family. From the nostalgic memory of your siblings’ spat or the memory your mother or father’s genuine laugh, there’s simply a lot to talk about. And when you encounter a poem that delicately and rawly depicts family relationships, you get transported back to the […]

Quotes about Cats | Text & Image Quotes

That furry little creature you just can’t resist is worth a thousand quotes to share to the world. To anyone owning an adorable and sometimes annoying but nevertheless lovable cat, you literally just never run out of stories to tell. Cats have interesting personalities and they are simply a joy to be around with. Gathered […]

Poems about Life | Text & Image Quotes

More than anything else, poems are not just made for the sake of creating one. In any level you’re at, you can always find something fruitful in poems that will help you get through life. When writing poems, there’s always an attempt to encapsulate life through words. As they say, poems act as vehicles for […]

20+ Math Jokes | Text & Image Jokes

A good joke is one that will sweep you off and push you to tell other people like it’s your own. Math jokes, particularly, are something you can boast of. Aside from making you look like a smart math geek, these jokes will leave your hearers laughing with a mix of admiration. Still, have second […]

20+ Sex Jokes | Text & Image Jokes

Let’s face it, not everyone has the stomach to stand a hilarious sex joke. Not even all can get one. But when you find yourself preparing to emit one, make sure that you are in the right crowd. Unless you want unwanted reactions from people who might find your jokes a bit inappropriate for the […]

20 New Chuck Norris Jokes | Text & Image Jokes

Chuck Norris is a force to reckon with, featuring several championships through his career and since then set up his very own Chun Kuk Do, a well-known school of fighting. Way of the Dragon and The Delta Force are some of the popular films the producer, actor and screenwriter have starred in. Aside from that, […]

Yo Momma Jokes | Text & Image Jokes To Keep In Your Arsenal

Ever felt like the coolest dude on earth because of spilling some one-time yo momma classic? Get that feeling back with a bunch of our sure-fire jokes! So, if you wanna play cool and funny, you must be armed with at least one yo momma joke in your pocket. We’ll help you become the crowd […]

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