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The Aux – Christmas Isn’t the Root of My Problems (2018) – Christmas Underground

Self ReleasedBuy: Bandcamp (NYOP) Sometimes I do feel like I’m writing about the same bands, year after year. Well, that is a great problem to have, as so many of the bands I dig keep on putting out great Christmas music! I haven’t hit Mike Nevin’s The Aux releases every single year, but I am […]

Merry Thursday December 27th – Christmas Underground

Well, I probably should have posted something earlier, but the holidays are always extremely busy. With getting ready for Christmas, preparing for company, and traveling, it can be hard to find time for the one thing that I try to do all year… write about cool Christmas tunes. I found a bunch more too. Whether […]

Dearnley “Christmas in a Strip Club” (2018) – Christmas Underground

Self ReleasedBuy: Bandcamp (NYOP) David W. Dearnley has managed to take a provocative title, which many a song relies on exclusively, and surprises the hell out of me. The song does not just being and end with that title – it is the little details that make this song so damn special. However, this song […]

Bien “Bells, Bells, Bells” (2018) – Christmas Underground

Dream Whale CreativeBuy: iTunes | Amazon MP3 | Amazon.uk MP3 | Amazon.de MP3 Nashville’s Bien have been recording Christmas tunes since back in 2016, but until now, they have all been standards. “Bells, Bells, Bells” however, is particularly excellent in both song choice and performance. This is an original, and that is ALWAYS going to pique […]

Brutalligators “Christmas in July” (2018) – Christmas Underground

Self ReleasedBuy: Bandcamp I do not know to what I owe the honor. Brutalligators gave me a yell earlier in the week and let me hear their spectacular new Christmas track. Recorded last week in Norway with Sjur Lyseid from Sunturns, “Christmas in July” is a lamentation on the differences between Christmas in the UK […]

Christmas Aguilera “Christmas on Mars” (2018) – Christmas Underground

Self ReleasedBuy: Bandcamp I have been waiting for this moment. It is officially Christmas, as my favorite Christmas band is back. Christmas Aguilera return with their funkiest jam yet. Featuring members of the fantastic Hero & Leander, this band has CHRISTMAS MUSIC PERFECTED. They have been writing these amazing, oddly touching songs in the years […]

Kay Proudlove “Giftcard” (2018) – Christmas Underground

Self ReleasedBuy: Bandcamp “Christmas Eve / When everything is magical and desperate.” That might be my favorite line of the year. Wollongong, Australia’s Kay Proudlove has written a cracker of a song in “Giftcard.” This one really comes down to the lyrics for me. Not only is that brilliant line featured prominently in this song, […]

Delicious Christmas Vol​.​3 – Return of the Christmas (2018) – Christmas Underground

Delicious Clam RecordsBuy: Bandcamp THEY ARE BACK! Sheffield’s Delicious Clam Records is back with Vol. 3, and while it is a brisk 2-track affair, wow are they fantastic! The first track by Thee Mightees, “Christmas Song,” is a stone-cold mix-worthy indie rock classic. The groove is infections, and the lyrics are brilliant: “I hate Christmas […]

Modern Studies “It’s Winter” (2018) – Christmas Underground

Fire RecordsBuy: Bandcamp On occasion, folks have thought this might be a Scottish blog. I take that as a great compliment, and I fully understand why one might assume this. I LOVE SCOTTISH BANDS. Well, tack Modern Studies up on the ol’ evidence board, but keep them at the edge, because they are technically from […]

John Mark Nelson “The One Time Of Year” (2018) – Christmas Underground

GNDWIRE RecordsBuy: Bandcamp (NYOP) John Mark Nelson is a songwriter and producer working in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and believe it or not, he released this track 2 weeks ago. Thankfully Christmas A Go Go found it and DM’ed it to me… as he must have figured I’d dig it. Now, here we are! “The One Time of […]

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